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ANGUS+ work packages: Goals and structure

WP 4: Large-scale underground spatial planning with multiple storage scenarios

Analysis and dimensioning of storage capacities for energy carriers and heat with regard to implications of single storage options, their mutual impacts and their effetcs on protected resources and surface spatial planning with help of realistic scenarios.

WP 3: Case study scenario analysis

Numerical simulations on implications and monitoring of the storage of natural and synthetic methane, hydrogen and compressed air in salt caverns and aquifers as well as thermal use of the shallow subsurface

WP 1: Parameterisation

  • Development of scenarios for the analysis of implications of energy storage
  • Parameterisation of the surface infrastructure, the deep and shallow subsurface and protected resources
  • Development and testing of Monitoring methods
  • Experimental evaluation of the geomechanical behaviour and induced geochemical reactions of storage gas as well as geochemical implications of thermal use of the shallow subsurface and interactions with contaminations
  • Investigation of of microbiologcal populations


WP 2: Model development

  • Development and implementation of numerical process models for the simulation of coupled THMC processes
    • during gas storage in aquifers and salt caverns
    • as effects of gas leakages into the shallow subsurface
    • as effects of thermal use of the shallow subsurface
    • as effects on protected areas, priority areas and existing infrastructure
  • Geophysical monitoring and detection of gases