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WP 2.5

Development of methods for the simulation and acquisition, respectively, of the effects of subsurface storage arrangements on the protective areas and primacy areas specified by land use planning


The methodological basis for the evaluation of storage procedures concerning effects on the surface planning area is geared to the techniques for ecological area evaluation and ecological risk analysis used in the planning practice. The latter is obtained as the default method for environmental agreeability surveys and serves the estimation of risks for the natural protected properties and their functions regarding the respective interferences and planned used on differing scales. The procedure estimates the intensity and sensitivity of disturbance using relevance and decision trees, respectively, and derives the disturbance risk from the combination of these two factors.

The aim of this work package is the development of a GIS-based decision assistance system. This information system, realized as a server GIS using open source software, represents the central platform for the storage of the supplied geographical basis and case data as well as the retrieved data resulting from the models. It further contains the apparatus of methods for the specialist evaluation of storage provisions regarding their agreeability with current land use planning specifications as well as possible usage and protection interests.

The system is being developed as a web application in the programming languages Python and JavaScript within a Linux environment. The user operates sliders to set the parameters for decision assistance algorithm. The subsequently identified areas are visualized within the web application in two and three dimensions (Figures below).


Prototype of the GIS-based online decision support system, 2D view


3D view in the decision support system


Detail view of geological formations, whose position and parameters establish the underground database of the decision support system